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Baby sleeping



Wednesday 19th

12 noon - 1.30


Wednesday 17th

12 noon - 1.30


Wednesday 14th

12 noon - 1.30


Dimples Baby Massage classes costs €150 (internet rate of €135) for four classes. 

The price includes all materials and oils, handouts for each class, and post-class refreshments.  

Up to €100 is refundable on most health insurance policies. Please check with your provider.



Baby massage is an ancient practice, used to calm and relax babies for many centuries.  

The emotional benefits of massage for babies are well documented; it nurtures security, strengthens the parental bond, and facilitates a baby’s sense of self-awareness.  

There are many physical benefits also, including:

  • Promoting deep relaxation, calmness and better sleep

  • Improving blood circulation

  • Enhancing the skin’s condition, and muscle tone

  • Balancing respiration, and helping clear the lungs

  • Helping digestion

In particular, baby massage can alleviate the symptoms of colic, wind and constipation. This – and the promotion of deeper, better quality sleep – is considered to be one of the most immediate effects of baby massage on your baby.

Baby massage is also effective and beneficial for premature babies, and those with special needs.  Please contact us if you have any queries about your baby’s specific requirements.  Alex’s classes address the most common ailments which babies suffer, but will be happy to address any particular condition which affects your infant.


But it’s not just your baby who will benefit from baby massage;  YOU will also notice the following self-improvements:

  • The repetitive strokes are calming and soothing for you as well as baby

  • Baby massage is a wonderful tool for strengthening and enhancing the bond between baby and parent, involving not only massage and touch, but also all-important eye-contact, and one-on-one baby-parent time free from the distractions and chaos of everyday life

  • The techniques taught in our classes will provide you with the tools to “cue” relaxation time for your baby

  • A proficiency at baby massage will help you to understand your baby’s body language

  • Baby massage promotes greater confidence in handling your baby, leading to more confidence in your parenting

More immediately, the classes offer you “time out” from the burdens of everyday caring for a small baby, as well as the chance to make new friends who understand exactly all the highs and lows you’re experiencing. 


There are 2 car parks.

Free parking is in the church carpark - entrance off 'The Rise'.

Paid parking in the overflow carpark (opp. Union Cafe) - entrance on North Ave.

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